Enviro News and Views: The 8 most interesting environmental and sustainability conversations from the past month

From carbon offsetting to Jeff Bezos: check out this collection of the 8 most interesting environmental and sustainability discussions for this month. We aim to keep you informed, engaged and part of the ongoing scholarly conversations.

1. Carbon offsetting can be a tool of environmental justice

Globally, minority communities have often had to bear the brunt of both climate change and carbon pollution. This article explores how Corporate decarbonization strategies can, and must, address this fact by making equity a core part of their work toward climate solutions. Read more here.

2. Will meat eaters really switch to alternative proteins?

The past year has seen a vast growth in the emergence of alternative proteins in the food market – but how willing, really, are people to switch? Jim Giles explores the evidence, and what this means for the future of meat.

3. Planting trees sounds like a simple climate fix. It’s anything but.

Sure, we need forests to fight climate change. But planting trees to fix the carbon problem isn’t as simple as it may seem. You need to plan where you plant: find out more here.

4. Can carbon capture make flying more sustainable?

How can an air carrier reach net-zero emissions? With a technology called direct air capture, which sucks carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. How does this technology work, and will it prevail in the future? Find out more.

5. A hydrogen fuel revolution is coming – here’s why we might not want it

Hydrogen is the latest hype in the green revolution, although it’s not the first time its been on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Is this time different or not? And more importantly, is it really a clean, green fuel to help combat climate change? Find out more here.

6. Could we pay back the earth for what it provides? A new report offers a roadmap

How much is nature worth? This is the question at the heart of a landmark new report commissioned by the UK government which frames nature as a financial asset. Find out the findings here.

7. So, Jeff Bezos, you really want to fix the planet?

As you probably already heard, Jeff Bezos recently stepped down as Amazon’s CEO in order to spend time on other pursuits: one of which includes trying to save the planet with “a $10 billion environmental checkbook called the Bezos Earth Fund”. How might he go about trying to fix the world? Find out here.

8. Bioplastics, Biodegradable Plastics & Compostable Plastics: What’s the difference?

Confused about the difference between the multiple varieties of bioplastics? You’re not alone. This article helps to explain the differences between them, and how you should dispose of them.

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